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Sunday, 17 November 2013 10:07

No COGS Grant Leads To Major Cut-Backs

We were prepared to cope with NZ Lotteries delaying their grants by a few months but the recent news of our COGS grant being declined your committee has suddenly had to address a major financial shortfall. We decided to reduce our copying and phone costs - so those of you getting printed newsletters will find these have been printed in black & white. While these small savings will help the most drastic change has had to be with the NZ$ wages of Keith and Catie-Lou.
While it was disappointing and unexpected to miss out on the COGS grant we fortunately have the back-up of our very own local currency to help us out. Our staff have generously agreed to receive a G$ honorarium until we are back in a position to be able to pay wages again.
We will look at other grant options but we hope to receive some funding from our members. Rather than implementing stallholders fees we have decided to seek NZ$ donations at future markets. We also  hope more members will pay their subscriptions in $NZ. Plans are also underway for a (fund-raising) Concert and to run a sausage sizzle. Support for these plans and other ideas welcomed. More details to come.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 07:34

September Zero Heroes

September Zero Heroes

"Zero Heroes" are our members who have traded from a positive balance to a negative balance or vise-versa. They are double heroes because they have traded and they have kept close to the "$0" balance. We will be celebrating all our Zero Heroes at our November market but each month we'd also like to promote this heroic act by highlighting one member's trade.
One of our Zero Heroes is member WAIS0092 Yvonne Davy who went through zero on the 23rd of September this year. Yvonne had been whipping up some tasty vegetarian meals as a regular service to a couple of our hardworking labourers who much appreciated the fast & healthy food after full days working outside.

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